The Band

Thirty Spokes is a roots rock band based in Louisville, KY. Formed in 2008, they are a hard working outfit that isn’t afraid of a long drive or late nights. Fans have enjoyed the energetic, live atmosphere of the band in regional venues throughout the midwest and southeast. The stage seems to be where they flourish by combining different sounds and genres to create their original musical experience. They capture the soul of the audience and create an energetic atmosphere. The band gigs constantly and when they aren’t on stage, chances are you will find them in the studio. Thirty Spokes truly digs what they do, are in it for the right reasons, and have a bright future ahead.

The band has three releases to their credit with a fourth album coming in 2014; 72 Hours (2009), Muses and Excuses (2010), and Roll The Dice (2012). Each release has been well received with generous airplay on the radio as well as the internet.

This year brings the newest offering from Thirty Spokes – a self-titled full length album due out in March. As with the earlier releases from the band, this project was co-produced and engineered by Kevin Ratterman at his La La Land studio.

Chad Graham

Lead Vocals & Guitar

Born: Huntington, WV
Factoid: originally moved to Kentucky for a job as a horse trainer.
Influences: The Allman Brothers, Bill Withers, and Ed Anderson

Gabe Deknatel

Lead Guitar

Born: Chapel Hill, NC
Factoid: has won multiple world titles riding American Saddlebred horses.
Influences: Jerry Garcia, Jimi Hendrix, and Tony Rice

Tom Anderson

Bass Guitar and Backup Vocals

Born: Nashville, TN
Factoid: is an accomplished artist in animation and photography.
Influences: Victor Wooten, Matt Wong, and Martin Sexton

Justin Shaw


Born: Louisville, KY
Factoid: is a former World Record holder.
Influences: Stewart Copeland, Buddy Rich, and Steve Jordan

Mark Rucker


Born: Louisville, KY
Factoid: can play five instruments.
Influences: Quincy Jones, Dr. Dre, his dad Mark Rucker Sr.